Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day!

As I was paying at the register at noon I realized the date and wished my handsome young cashier a Happy May Day. He looked at me blankly, “What’s that?”
I explained that it’s a celebration of spring; that people used to secretly hang bouquets of flowers on their neighbor’s doorknob to surprise them. He had never heard of it. A strange sadness pierced my heart.

I left the store suddenly nostalgic with sweet memories. My girls and I used to make cones out of paper together, staple a handle on top, and fill them with flowers from our yard. If we couldn’t find anything blooming yet, we would scour the neighboring fields for wildflowers to fill our baskets. The best part was leaving them on our neighbor’s doorknobs with a note, ringing the bell, and running before we were discovered.

There’s something sweet and innocent about spring and the celebration of it. I know ancient origins of May Day have to do with pagan ritual and dancing around the maypole, but as a Christian, I celebrate the day for the glory of God instead. After all, He created spring, flowers, and joyful surprise. When we rejoice in what He has made and share it with others, we rejoice in Him. And what better way to honor Him than to share His gifts?

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So to you, my neighbors, I give this gift of flowers from my garden of photos. When you opened your computer, or phone, you did not suspect to find these fresh picked flowers on your doorknob, but here they are. Delight in them, my friend. Inhale their fresh fragrance, touch their delicate petals. Be amazed at their vibrant color and intricate design.

The attached card says, Happy May Day! I pray it will be for you. Know that somewhere in your neighborhood, a friend is watching for your look of surprise and delight in this simple gift.

Know too that you are infinitely more beautiful and complex than these flowers. You are loved. I hope you will pass on the joy to someone else today - in your smile and whatever little surprises you give to delight those around you. Wish them a Happy May Day in Jesus’ name. He gave us the beauty of this day as a love gift to us all.


  1. May Day was also the birthday of my father-in-law. We miss him - fifteen years now.

  2. What a beautiful surprise. I was thinking of May Day today too.

    Thank you for the beautiful photos and words of affirmation.

  3. Thank you Beth. I also remember leaving May baskets on the doors in Wrangell Alaska. We even made May baskets in school. We even did a Maypole once in the old school gym. I still remember my class winding the crepe paper on that pole, over, under, trying to keep track and not make a mistake. I was 7--wouldhave been 1949 or '50Those were gentler, kinder days in many ways. Lorna

  4. Are all these flowers in your yard? They're a beautiful gift from God!
    I have 3 tulips blooming - but the dogwood tree is in its beautiful splendor and a constant reminder of Christ who died on the cross for our sins.
    Blessings on you,

  5. Beautiful! We, too, used to leave flowers in little home-made baskets on neighbor's porches.... & the girl's group that my granddaughter belongs to also made baskets of flowers to put around the neighborhood today. Sweet idea, I think.
    The Epiphany pictures are a creative way of giving so many people that same experience. (Somebody sure has some gorgeous flowers & is a wonderful photographer!)
    I can see God smiling at the idea... I believe he created everybody & loves us all.

  6. Thank you for the compliments on my flowers and photography. I took most of these photos at Butchart Gardens in Canada.

  7. Love the photos! I remember doing that doorstep thing too! So fun :o)

  8. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing them and brightening up my day!