Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Relevant Magazine's Article on All Saints Day

Thank you all for your comments, emails, and texts I have received regarding All Saints Day. Jenny is watching movies with her kids and eating dumplings; Linda and Rob are feasting on tri-tip; Ron is busy sharing his research findings with others; Brian and Britney are choosing to raise their soon to be born baby celebrating God's holiday; and Kayla and Skyler are looking for some fun ideas on how to celebrate All Saints.

I am excited that so many Christians are willing to step away from Halloween and look long and hard at what we have been doing with our fall enthusiasm. I applaud those who have done research on their own in order to make an informed decision about Halloween and All Saints. And I praise God for the many who have told me (and those who haven't) that they are praying about what God would have them do.

Today I had another delightful surprise. Relevant Magazine sent out a teaser blurb and a link to an article entitled: "Why All Saints Day Matters" by Ryan Hamm. I have included the blurb below and a link to his well-done article.

Keep spreading the word to other Christians who are sold out for the Lord. Let's celebrate the faith and victorious lives of our fabulous brothers and sisters in Christ!
Beth Vice

It's not just the day after Halloween
For most, Nov. 1 means putting away costumes, counting up candy and prepping for the rest of the holiday season (perhaps with some premature Christmas carols). But for Christians, the day after Halloween is so much more. All Saints’ Day is a time to remember and celebrate the saints of both past and present. From St. Paul and N.T. Wright to Mother Teresa and John Piper, there is a “great cloud” of faith heroes to be honored. Beyond these famous names, All Saints’ Day is also a time to cherish the universal Church—the rich and poor, old and young, male and female. Today, RELEVANT looks closely at this overlooked tradition and the importance of remembering the rich and expansive legacy of the Christian faith.

Here's the link to Ryan Hamm's article: "Why All Saints' Day Matters"


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  1. Beth, thanks, and I enjoyed your message! Not only Halloween, but I have been "repenting" over all the time I used to take with decorating for Christmas. it completely took away my time for reflection on the birth of Christ and what His presence means to me in this troubled world!

    Ever since I had the scare over a year ago with my health, I am so much more conscious of what it means to fully focus on Christ and the relationship I have with the Trinity.

    Blessings on you and your family.
    Love, Wanda