Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Downloading: Prayer

            The interesting thing about email attachments and photos from my camera or I-phone, is I can retain the original files, even after downloading. This can apply in my prayer life as well. Each morning, and throughout the day, I’m constantly downloading information to the Lord. The question is do I need to hold on to the files?

            If I keep pulling them up and viewing them, am I really giving Him my all? If I’m worried and anxious about the stuff I’ve supposedly given the Lord, I have to wonder if I’ve really left it there.   

            When I read, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7), I picture a fisherman. I don’t know much about fishing, but I imagine if I cast my line into the water but constantly lift the line to examine it, I might not catch much. But, if I’m casting my anxiety into the depth of God’s infinite resources, I don’t need to keep checking to see what’s going on beneath the surface. When it’s time, there will be an answer. Because, the wonderful and amazing truth is - He cares for me. And He cares for you.

            Do you struggle with the same thing in your prayer life? Do you analyze, role play, or replay details over and over in your mind even after you’ve prayed about it? Do you offer God helpful suggestions, instead of leaving your concerns in His capable hands?

            Today I’ve been downloading a lot. I have friends in drug and alcohol recovery - some doing well, some tenuous and struggling. I’m grieving for a dear one whose marriage is an uphill battle. Another person I love feels called to a ministry that I fear will stretch her beyond her limits, yet I trust that where God calls, He also provides. Plus, I have my own concerns regarding work, family, health, and finances.

            Instead of downloading duplicate files and wasting my energy on worry, I want to learn to live in praise instead. Each time I begin to fret, I want to trustingly say, “Thank you, Lord, that you have received my file of pictures and attachments. I know you’re already at work in that situation. I realize I don’t need to download it again or even pull it up to take a look. Instead, I thank you for what you are doing. Thank you for the wisdom, strength, love, healing, and power you are releasing in each situation. You are my Rock, my hope, my delight.”


  1. Didn't have time to read this before going to CR tonight. Wow, Beth! Do you hit the nail on the head! I could be 'the friend you love who feels called to a ministry that . . . .'
    I'm so co-dependant, that I was feeling I had to call out the 'rescue boat' when a woman I know very well began to exhibit a problem of heading back into the pit of addiction. Can I say 'panic'? What was I to do? Then I heard these words, 'you aren't expected to rescue her, just be a supportive listener, so she can hear herself'! OK, I'm praying and not saving the file. I need to get some rest so I will be fresh in the AM. Good Night All!

  2. Yes, my friend. I think we could probably plug ourselves into each of those slots at various times in our lives. I am so glad you are reading and that you are stepping back from being the rescuer to being a supportive friend. I'm working on that one too! As well as downloading files and leaving them there. :0)

  3. Love your blogs Beth.

  4. Good work, Beth!

  5. Good slant on the subject.