Monday, February 27, 2012

Ideas for an Egg-stra Special Easter

It’s the countdown to Easter! The 40 days, between February 22 and April 8, not counting Sundays, are set aside to prepare our hearts for this climactic day for Christians everywhere. This year I’ve been thinking about how Jesus’ resurrection makes new life possible.

We decorate for Easter with baby lambs, bunnies, chicks, and spring flowers. Best of all, yard flags, cards, and banners depict the gloriously empty cross and tomb, testifying that Jesus is no longer dead! After He arose, He let His disciples see and touch Him. He explained God’s plan thoroughly, and left them with the assignment to spread the Good News to everyone. And that news is: because He overcame sin and death, we can die to sin and become new and different people.

This year’s Easter series will be: “All Things Become New.” Each article will explore the changes that occur in every person who gives them self fully to Jesus; the old person dies and a new one is born. It shows up in:

·         Our hearts
·         Our minds
·         On our faces
·         What comes out of our mouths
·         Our marriages
·         Our parenting
·         Our attitude about work and leisure time
·         The way we handle money

Each article will end with a baking, decorating, or heart tip to make this Easter your best ever. See you back here on Epiphany!

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