Monday, January 9, 2012

Fresh and New in 2012

Ruby Joy Bradley
I had the privilege of holding Ruby Joy on Friday when she was fresh out of the box; just six days old. This is how she looked, although at the time she was sporting an adorable froggy sleeper with hand mitts. I had hoped to see her eyes open, but was transfixed the entire visit by her peaceful visage.

We laughed, talked, and passed her from person to person, but she didn’t stir. She wasn’t worried. She wasn’t afraid we were going to drop her. She wasn’t bothered by our noise. Ruby was the picture of complete trust and repose.

This has become a picture of my goal this New Year. I want to rest in my Savior’s arms with complete trust in 2012. Like Ruby, I want to relax and rest in Him, knowing He will meet all my needs for love, safety, and well being. In the past, the noises of the world, the enemy, and my own thoughts have startled me and knifed my heart with fear. This year, I want to be secure in Jesus instead.

My favorite definition for faith is: “resting your full weight.” When we go in a room and sit down, we don’t inspect our chair first to see if it’s sturdy enough to hold us. We place our full weight in it, never doubting it will do its job. Why then, would I doubt my Father’s ability to hold me? He is infinite in power and faithful in His love.

Brian and Britney would never dream of letting Ruby down. They are full to bursting with love and pride. They are willing to go without sleep to meet her needs. In the years to come, Ruby will consume their time, energy, money, and prayers. They will give willingly and generously, so their precious daughter will feel safe, loved, nourished, healthy, and equipped for whatever comes.

Would our Heavenly Father do any less for us in this coming year? Are you resting your full weight in His arms?

You and I may not be fresh out of the box, but 2012 is a new year full of blank pages for us to fill. I don’t know about you, but I want to fill every day with trust, courage, love, hope, joy, wisdom, and helping others find their way.

Happy New Year to you all! May 2012 be the year that you release your fears and past mistakes to God, and rest your full weight in Him. He will care for you.


  1. LOVED this Beth! I pray the Lord leads you to his peace and that you are able to experience full trust in Him this year. I too am striving for similar goals. :)

  2. I like your comparison to being new born and beginning a clean new year.

  3. Lovely sentiments and precious baby.

  4. Again, your latest blog hit a responsive chord with me; especially the part about knife stabbing fear of our own making. I think Christians (who shouldn't fear, because fear doesn't come from God, so guess who from??) easily fall into fear (these days) which results in the sound of a creaking door, the crack through which the enemy can push. So, like you, and that baby, I want to rest assured in His loving "Daddy" arms in 2012.

  5. Like you I am learning to rest in God's peace and what a pleasure it is. I have not yet arrived but am on a good journey. :)

  6. What a happy blog. I loved the pictures and your delight in the little one.

  7. Beth, read your blog! Loved it! What an encouragement for the new year!

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