Monday, July 18, 2011

New Book: Our Stories, God's Glory

Our Stories, God's Glory: Personal Stories of God's Touch is now available from Seed Faith Books! This is a wonderful compilation of stories from numerous authors about the many ways God has provided, comforted, awakened, answered their cry and so much more. (Yes, I have a story in there!)

The section headings are:
* Promises Fulfilled
* God's Love and Care
* Heaven's 911 Intervention
* Angels on Assignment
* Rough Waters and Dark Valleys
* Little Hugs from God
* God's Provision
* Sending Out Ripples
* Precious Good-byes
* Journey of Faith

Kelly and I have already been refreshed and encouraged by the stories we're reading of God's amazing love as we pour over this book.

This book is perfect for people who are hurting in these times of difficulty or who are just beginning to seek the Lord. Seed Faith founders, David and Helen Haidle, work hard to provide quality materials that can be given away in shelters, prisons, on the mission field, or anywhere people are sharing the Good News. You can order copies for $14.99 for yourself or others who need an encouraging word at:


  1. Congratulations! I'm impressed by the way you keep your blog fresh and inspiring.
    Marion Duckworth

  2. This book has some amazing stories. I'm not a big reader but everytime I pick it up I have a very hard time putting it down. I would recommend it.

    Kelly Vice